Life’s little pleasures

You should be able at your leisure
To accept life’s little pleasures
And begin to see the half full glass
Things are not as bad, life isn’t so evil
And if I recall, I don’t go on you medieval
Nor I treat you like a caveman in the dark
So please take things into proportion
Treat life nice , not like an accident or an abortion
And the rest will follow smooth and painless
For life is to be a celebration
Taken lightly, certainly not with frustration
So enjoy them with a smile, stay away from stress
For how do you tell good if there is no bad
What base is there, for comparison to be had
For without bad, there is no good and that’s sad
So think it over , consider the facts
What’s the use of cream cheese without the lax
Think about it – I am sure you will be glad

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