“What Is Poetry”

What is poetry – what is poesy for?
It’s a paradox – where less is more
Thus with fewer words – minimal rhyme
Your ideas and thoughts – will forever chime
Its purpose to communicate- to the intelligent mind
With language implied – words refined
To tell yet to hide – to lure and entice
Keeping the form – precise and concise
It’s drama, tragedy- comedy or satire
Make you tear, laugh, angry or desire
Like music it has- rhythm and beat
If good -ageless, a real treat
Like music can be interpreted- many a way
Revolutions, wars, romance, love and play
Homers Iliad – Troy set ablaze
A thousand ships – Helena’s face
Beware of the word – mightier then sword
The right phrase – has its reward
Let yourself go – surrender your ear
Let your heart – lead and steer
Poetry is sexless – either good or bad
No need to say more – no need to add
Had it not been sexless – I dread
Poetry would have been – repeatedly raped



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