The Old Flying Herring

For a long time at the city zoo – everyone knew
From Jerry the turtle- to Winnie the pooh
For answers to questions – and specific knowledge
Better than University – or a reputable college
The “Old Flying Herring” – is a sure bet
He’ll come with the answer – without breaking a sweat
He’ll be fast and precise – always a pro
With “Old Flying Herring” you know – the cash will flow
One day, Gloria the curious, ginger giraffe
Asked “Old Flying Herring”, in a wondering, husky laugh
“How is it, you are so smart and wise?”
“How is it, everyone seeks your advice?”
“Old Flying Herring is smart, not because he’s a Herring, my dear”
Answered “Old Flying Herring” – with a wide grin – yet sincere
“But because he is an old seasoned hand”
“That over the years – allowed his mind to expand”
So be wise, and in “Old Flying Herring” put your trust
“Old Flying Herring’s” motto is, “Success or Bust”



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